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Pioneers of Appalachian Geology

The Pioneers of Appalachian Geology are back! With much help from the IAT/SIA geology committee, the new and improved pioneers page now honors over 30 geologists who have made key contributions to the understanding of Appalachian/Caledonian terranes and to geologic principals in general.
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The IAT is in Guthook Guides!

, it took longer then we thought it would, but the first three sections of the IAT are now available in Guthook Guides. And by first three, we mean the original sections of the IAT: Maine, New Brunswick and Quebec.
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Summer Trail News

Despite the ongoing ebb and flow of the Coronavirus, many IAT/SIA chapters are reporting fair to large numbers of hikers on their particular section of trail.
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Trail Updates

Trail updates from Newfoundland, Spain and Maine
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One Year Ago…

A year ago the founder of the Appalachian Trail Museum Larry Luxenberg attended the IAT’s International AGM and outdoor economy forum in Scotland and Northern Ireland with a contingent from North America.
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Meet the New Executive Director of the SIA QC

After a few months search, the SIA-IAT QC had announced its new Executive Director. Please meet Alexis Turcotte-Noël!
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