With the world-wide pandemic hanging over us all and long-distance hiking being discouraged, many of us are getting cabin-fever. This includes hiking phenom Nimblewill Nomad (aka M.J. Eberhart).

Nimblewill atop Mt Mondanock, NH

However, when Weogufka State Forest, where he was caretaker of Flagg Mountain, closed down the 19th of March, Nimblewill turned his efforts into working on a second edition of his very popular book Where Less the Path is Worn, published in 2004.

The book tells the story of Nimblewill’s trek covering over 5,000 miles on the IAT, the AT and the ECT, from the tip of the Northern Peninsula in Newfoundland to the southernmost point on the eastern North American continent in Key West, Florida.

Nimblewill has already lined up a publisher and will begin work on the book soon!

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