Matane Lighthouse. Photo by Patrick Matte

This past November, Eric Chouinard announced he was stepping down as the long time Executive Director of the Quebec Chapter of the IAT (SIA-IAT QC), to take on the role of Director of Operations. And now, after a few months search, the SIA-IAT QC had announced a new Executive Director has been found. Please meet Alexis Turcotte-Noël!

New SIA QC Executive Director Alexis Turcotte-Noël

Greetings to the IAT community,

It is with great enthusiasm that I introduce myself as the new General Manager of the International-Appalachian Trail in Quebec, Canada (SIA-IAT-QC).

It is an honor to make this first contact with the pioneers of an incredible and magnificent journey. We are proud to represent the Canadian continuation of this project that I see as the route between the wild nature and the communities.

My mandate is to ensure the coordination of a team of passionate humans that has given everything for years to create this extraordinary project of social economy and environment-friendly development.

My goal is to strive as much as possible for the sustainability of the organization and as a priority, I will take over the implementation of the Integrated Local Development and Business Plans.

Eric Chouinard will now act as the manager of operations. I can also count on the support of Isabelle Paquet, who has brilliantly held the position of responsible for customer service for more than 8 years.

I’m hoping to have the chance to meet the others in the International Appalachian Trail community, maybe through my next travel.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to write-me a mail, if you have any projects or requests regarding the Quebec section of this incredible trail.

I know this crisis affects a lot of people, but we will do everything to keep and improve this jewel and the experience related to it.


A nature lover,

Alexis Turcotte-Noël

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