Nimblewill atop Mount Monadnock, New Hampshire in 2012

Long-distant hiker extraordinaire, M.J. Eberhart (MUCH better known as Nimblewill Nomad), has announced his latest hiking adventure – Odyssey 2021 – Bama to Baxter. Nimblewill’s official announcement states he’ll begin his hike on March 1st, but fellow long-distant hiker Mother Nature’s Son (AKA John Calhoun) reports Nimblewill has recently begun hiking the Pinhoti Trail in Alabama with Nathan Wright.

Nimblewill was the first thru-hiker to complete the IAT-SIA from Mount Katahdin in Maine to Belle Isle, Newfoundland in 2001. You can read about this trek (including his hike of the Eastern Continental Trail) in the recently published second edition of “Where Less the Path is Worn”.

Nimblewill is also responsible for giving Maine IAT Founder, Dick Anderson, his very apt “No Pack” trail name. And, he’s a pretty good poet!

At 84 years young, Nimblewill will be the oldest person to thru hike the AT! To follow the progress on his hike visit Nimblewill’s website.

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