News from TIA Portugal

In Portugal, the Trilho Internacional dos Apalaches follows the Grande Roto Do Muradal-Pangeia in the Naturtejo UNESCO Global Geopark. While this section of the IAT was almost completely destroyed by fires in 2017, it’s recovering better than ever.

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IAT Ulster Ireland Development on Track

Press Release, 1 March 2021. Progress to enhance Ulster Ireland International Appalachian Trail Walking Experience on track. Work to enhance the Derry and Strabane section of the International Appalachian Trial (IAT) is on track to be completed by the end of May 2021.

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Pioneers of Appalachian Geology

The Pioneers of Appalachian Geology are back! With much help from the IAT/SIA geology committee, the new and improved pioneers page now honors over 30 geologists who have made key contributions to the understanding of Appalachian/Caledonian terranes and to geologic principals in general.

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The IAT is in Guthook Guides!

, it took longer then we thought it would, but the first three sections of the IAT are now available in Guthook Guides. And by first three, we mean the original sections of the IAT: Maine, New Brunswick and Quebec.

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Spring News from the Quebec Chapter of IAT

The Sentier international des Appalaches – Québec has published its May, 2020 newsletter. In addition to COVID-19 related updates, it includes information for hikers on reservations and trail guides, and introduces Alexis Turcotte-Noël, the new director of SIA-QC.

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IATNL Directors Visit AT Southern Terminus

On March 15, IATNL Directors Arne Helgeland and Paul Wylezol visited the Appalachian Trail Basecamp in Amicalola Falls State Park near the southern terminus of the AT at Springer Mountain, Georgia. They took advantage of an opportunity to detour while traveling between New Orleans, LA and Tampa Bay, Florida.

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Night on Deasey Mountain

The historic Deasey Mountain Fire Lookout is unusual in many ways. First, it is a “ground cab” lookout meaning that, rather than perched on top of a 20- or 30-foot metal tower, it sits directly on the ground. The cab is anchored in place by four heavy steel cables attached to large eyebolts set in the bare granite knob of the mountain’s summit.

As the full moon sets to the west, dawn approaches to the east

The cab offers a spectacular 360-degree view that includes Katahdin and other peaks in Baxter State Park, five miles to the west, as well as Mars Hill on the Canadian border fifty miles to the northeast. In essence, a hiker can see the entire route of the IAT in Maine from the Deasey Cab.

The cab is also unusual in that it’s the original 8 x 8-foot building constructed in 1929 by the Maine Forest Service. The cab has been lovingly maintained for 15 years by members of the Maine Chapter of the IAT, who have replaced siding, doors and windows, and have re-roofed the building twice. In 2016, a group of IAT’ers, led by Earl Raymond, installed a replica of the original alidade that was used by wardens to pinpoint the location of forest fires from the summit. Read more on that here.

Orion shines over the Deasey Fire Lookout

It’s a wonderful experience to spend the night in the cab, especially in clear weather with a full moon. Do be aware, though, the nearest reliable water supply is a half mile away down the mountain!

We’re Back!

Well, that was a bit of a span between posts. Sorry about that. The IAT/SIA has had a busy year and posting stories to the website kept falling to the bottom of the to-do list. But that should change soon! Mainly because we’re nearing the completion of an updated website design and we’re all itching to see our stories in the new and improved format.

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Ulster Ireland Meeting at AMC in Boston

On November 13, IAT Co-Chairs Don Hudson of Maine and Paul Wylezol from Newfoundland joined Ulster Ireland mayors Michaela Boyle (Derry City and Strabane) and Nicholas Crossan (Donegal County) at a meeting with Appalachian Mountain Club President John Judge and Conservation and Recreation Director Heather Clish at their new headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Coming to a smart phone near you!

Guthook Guides

For the past six months, the Maine Chapter of the IAT has been working with the developers of the premiere trail guide app, Guthook Guides, to create a digital hiker’s guide of the International Appalachian Trail in Maine and Canada.

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Ulster Ireland Hosts Outdoor Economy Forum

From June 2 to 7, representatives of the International Appalachian Trail (IAT), Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC), Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) and Appalachian Trail Museum gathered in Ulster Ireland for an Outdoor Economy Forum to discuss common issues and assist IAT Ulster Ireland develop a world-class trail network.

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10th Anniversary Visit to Scotland

From May 28 to June 2, representatives from IAT Newfoundland and Maine visited Scotland on a 10th anniversary IAT Europe tour which ended in Northern Ireland on June 7 after an Outdoor Economy Forum that also included representatives from the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and Museum, and Appalachian Mountain Club based in Boston, Mass.

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